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Juice Fasting May Compliment Aqua Chi Detoxification

With increasing interest in the principles and process of detoxification, more and more options for detoxification such as Aqua Chi have become available for people. All of these methods have one aim in common and that is to rid the body of the purported toxins.


One of the more popular methods of detoxification of late is juice fasting detoxification and its proponents claim that it is very beneficial to the body. People, who are firm followers of this practice, insist that juice fasting detoxification can prevent or heal myriad health problems. These could be as simple as influenza and cold to very serious afflictions such as cancer. It is the firm belief of proponents of the juice fasting detoxification technique that diseases develop and start in the colon, and that all treatment of diseases are more effective if accompanied by detoxification.

Though modern medical science has its reservations about juice fasting detoxification, they cannot completely ignore the potential benefits that can be got by juice fasting detoxification. One of the more obvious benefits of this practice is it helps to make the body's waste disposal methods more efficient, and nobody can doubt the feeling of well-being and relief if this is practiced with regularity especially along with Aqua Chi therapy.

Juice fasting detoxification works on the principle that most of the diseases in the body are caused by toxins. These toxins are in reality by-products of the various processes within the body, including sweat, urine and feces. The body has three ways in which it can get rid of these toxins; by sweating, urinating and defecating. What juice fasting detoxification does is, it increases the body's efficiency in the processes of urinating and defecating.

During the juice fasting detoxification, the person has to avoid all kinds of solid foods for a stipulated number of days and instead, consume only fruit juice in large volumes. There are several benefits to juice fasting detoxification. Since it does away with the necessity of any digestive processes, the individual needs less calories for digesting his food. The body also gets cleansed of whatever feces remain unexpelled. Fruit is rich in fiber and water and this behaves as a safe and natural laxative. The water also helps hasten the movement in the bowel. Also, because large volumes of liquid are being consumed, the processes within the kidney also get hastened.

If you take into consideration the whole holistic method, there is a certain truth to detoxification being used to repair a digestive system that is running poorly and to retain its balance. People who are suffering the discomfort of chronic constipation would are likely get huge health benefits from this method.

If you would like to follow the juice fasting detoxification technique, it's rather simple. All you need to do get some fresh watermelons and after scooping out the flesh, blend it with a little water. You can add honey to sweeten it and to thicken it up a bit. If you do this for a few days continuously, you should be able to see the benefits. Juice detoxification therapy offers you a safe and efficient way of getting rid of toxins and is the perfect compliment to Aqua Chi Therapy.


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