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Understanding How to Use the Aqua Chi Color Chart

Ever heard of the Aqua Chi Foot detox machine? It's the latest machine that has been making quite a buzz in the world of alternative healing. Though it is being marketed under different names, like all machines of its ilk, it runs on the principle of Aqua Detox therapy.


All credit goes to Dr. Royal Rife who was the brains behind the study and research of this innovative healing technique. Aqua Detox therapy is based on the principle that if the frequencies of negative and positive ions pass through the body's cells, the cells get revitalized. The Aqua Detox therapy helped rebalance the cells into fine shape and also helped eliminate the various toxins that have kept on building up over time. To achieve this, the individual needs to bathe his or her feet in a solution of salt and water, through which an electric current is passed. This completes the process of detoxification. Aqua Chi is essentially the practical application of the theoretical principle of Aqua Detox therapy.

The resultant change in the color of the water that is employed for the procedure is an indication of the areas of the body that has been detoxified. Though this may sound rather complex, it is pretty easy if you use the Aqua Chi color chart. Using the Aqua Chi color chart you can also get an indication of all the materials that are expelled out of the system.

If the water turns black after you bathe your feet, according to the Aqua Chi color chart, that is because you have successfully managed to detox your liver. Also according to the Aqua Chi color chart, black flecks in the water indicate the flushing out of heavy metals. If the water turns brown it indicates that cellular debris and tobacco have been flushed out of the body and it also means that the liver has been successfully detoxified.

The Aqua Chi color chart shows that if the water turns dark green, it means the gall bladder has been detoxified, orange means detoxification of the joints and red flecks signifies the flushing our of blood clot material. When yeast is flushed out of the body the water turns white and there is a presence of cheese-like particles and when there is a presence of white foam it indicates that you have managed to flush out the mucous that is sometimes present in the Lymph system. According to the Aqua Chi color chart Yellow-Green indicates that the kidneys, the female prostrate area, the urinary tract and the bladder have been detoxified.

The main drawback to Aqua Detox therapy and Aqua Chi is that no one has been able to show any concrete results to prove that these therapies really work as they should. Machines that are used in Aqua Detox and Aqua chi presently still come under the purview of questionable medical devices.


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