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The Debate over Aqua Chi Detoxification

The 2007 scientific rationale behind Aqua Chi Detoxification, remains as much of an enigma as most other holistic healing techniques. However, Aqua Chi Detoxification still remains among the best option of all popular and contemporary alternative medicine.


So what's with the picture created by Aqua Chi Detoxification? Ignore the words “Aqua Chi” for the moment. Nobody knows why, but it is probably as unsuitable as the nomenclature of most other alternative medicines. However, the Detoxification tag does suit it as it is a kind of detoxification. Well, that's what its staunch followers want the rest of us to believe.

At the beginning of the Aqua Chi Detoxification process, you have to submerge your feet up to your ankles in a special basin containing a solution of salt and water. This basin is specially designed with a detoxification unit, known as an array, which is essentially an electrode assembly of low voltage. This electrode assembly passes an electric current and charges the water. The current that is transmitted produces a ‘bio energetic resonance', which stimulates the cells and corrects any inherent dysfunction and imbalance, in the process also getting healed themselves.

The toxins that get drawn and flushed out of the body manifest themselves by the formation of a thin layer of sludge floating on the water. It also turns the water a different color. What color the water turns into to depends on which problematic area has been detoxified. When there is a problem with the bladder and kidney areas the water has a yellowish stain, bile that is secreted from the liver turns the water green or brown, when the joints are detoxified the water turns orange or deep red, black signifies detoxification of the bowels and when the lymphatic system is detoxified, the water turns white.

If nothing else, Aqua Chi Detoxification offers a beneficial and practical dialysis schema. If it works the way it should, it would be a boon to everybody as our bodies are in dire need of detoxification.

Detoxification is actually a natural process and takes place in the human body all the time. Urinating and sweating are ways in which the body harmlessly discharges toxins from the system.

Though proponents of the Aqua Chi Detoxification vehemently stated that it was effective in flushing out toxins from the body, scientific experts insist that there was no truth to the flushing out of toxins and the detoxification machines were completely ineffective. As for the discoloration of the water, it was primarily due to rust formation.

As for the water, even after you've completed the so-called detoxification process, the water remained toxic-free and you could even drink it if you wanted to.

However, the Aqua Chi Detoxification promoters have never remained silent. They are devising methods to provide disbelievers with scientific explanations of their technique.


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